Lynx Inventory Services UK LTD is an independent inventory service provider in Inner London and nearby areas.

We are based in South London. We provide professional, very highly detailed and easy to read property inventory reports with multiple high resolution photos to back reports.

Full time office support with a streamlined booking and admin process.
We personally inspect all properties, meet with tenants when needed and conduct the inspections ourselves – ensuring all inventory reports are complete on stipulated time, accurate, unbiased and legally sound.

All our clerks are highly trained and have many years of experience. We pride ourselves on paying keen attention to detail and providing a quality report every time. Acting as a third party, we have provided unbiased reports for thousands of clients.

Our Services

Lynx Inventory Services UK LTD provides a wide range of inspections as well as unbiased inventory reports. Our services include the following:

Inventory & Check In Report Service

The most common report, carried out at the start of the tenancy. This is the essential report to protect your property from damages, excessive wear, decorating and cleaning issues….
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The Check In

One of our experienced inventory clerks will meet the new tenant at the property and will work through the inventory with them….
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The Check Out

Once provided with the initial check in inventory, our clerk will inspect the property, then compare and note any further changes, defects and differences.
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Mid Term Inspections

Mid term Inspections are normally carried out every three months. The tenant should be advised of this at the start of the tenancy, by the landlord or agent….
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Why Us

We are Local

We are a South London based Inventory service provider, covering primarily the South London (Due to proximity and we have broad knowledge and experience of South London), rest of inner London and near by areas.
We are basically minutes away from all South London clients and few miles away from our London clients.


We are very much flexible to meet up with the demands of any of our clients. It could be anything from taking up very short notice appointments, doing inspections on non business hours and days or collecting keys for access the day before the appointment.
Anything special demand, just inform us. We are very much flexible and will meet up with any demand/ request from our clients.

Quality Reports

We at Lynx Inventory Services UK Limited, are very much mindful of our clients needs. We do understand that landlords, agents and tenants just don’t have the time to read through and understand complex reports. We ensure that:

Our reports are very clear and concise;

​We mainly use layman’s language, no complex wordings, so that they are easy enough for everybody to understand;

Very easy to compare, Check Out reports offering direct, side-by- side comparisons of current conditions to Check In conditions – highlighting differences in red;

Declaration pages are positioned close together for easy comparison;
Photographs are included to back up the report labelled according to the Inventory index.